They usually have whatever I need even the odd things that I figure will be impossible to find!


Upon walking in I was greeted with a friendly hello, which I love. There was ample employee presence on the sales floor; I didn't need assistance but if I had, there was always someone around.

My daughter and I took a quick pass through the section with birds and smaller animals and the employee cleaning cages talked to us a bit. It was a good experience overall.

I feel like this store wants and appreciates my business and for that reason, they have it.


One of the best hardware stores I've ever stepped into combined with an amazing pet store - the place is enormous and well stocked with friendly helpful people.


Have shopped there many times and highly recommend for many reasons: great customer service, knowledgeable, well stocked, good prices. The pet store is extraordinary with many quality products for cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, etc. Linsey, the pet section manager possesses a wealth of knowledge and will discuss one’s concerns with great patience.


Franklin pet center is the best pet store in Chambersburg to get feeder crickets, worms, mice, and rats. Cheaper than other places and of great quality. Always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff.


One of the best places around for pet supplies...no matter what kind of pet you own! Their selection is big, their prices are normally cheaper than chain stores and they often have good sales. They're normally staffed heavily so getting help with something isn't hard. One of the cheapest places around for high-end pet foods if you prefer to feed your dog something other than grocery store garbage. And it's nice to be able to buy just about anything you need for you house, garden, pets, or farm all at once place. We go here quite often.